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Be prepared to save the planet by eating insects.

insectesThe non-profit organization, GRIMIAM, was founded in 2013 with the objective to convince the public and the policy makers that the cultivation and consumption of insects is an effective alternative and solution for a sustainable development of our society. The rearing of insect is both: fast and environmentally friendly. Rich in protein and vitamins, the insects are generally low in fat content: they are excellent ingredients for our health. Finally, they have a delicious nutty flavour. If two billion people eat them, it is not always of necessity ... But mostly for pleasure and as delicacy


From vision to action

1) Swiss consumer

We firmly believe that our eating habits have to change radically sooner rather than later. For this purpose the association Grimiam hosts events in Switzerland, such as exhibitions, conferences, debates, info-booths, workshops, tasting of insects, publications and films around this issue.


2) Swiss political decision makers

With the support and on the initiative of the National Councillor Madame Isabelle Chevalley three interpellations to the Federal council have been launched until today:

• 25.11. 2013 - Interpellation to the Federal Council Nr: 13.4018
• 10.03. 2014 - Insect-cocktail in the Swiss parliament
• 21.03. 2014 - Parliamentary interpellation Nr: 14.3273 / Food
• 21.03. 2014 - Parliamentary interpellation Nr: 14.3274 / Feed


3) International networking

- Membership in the French Federation of producers, importers and distributors of insects.

- Stakeholder of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)